Over 20 Years Experience in the Art and Science of Systems and Software Engineering

  • Requirements Analysis – Systems and Software Methods including Advanced Elicitation Human SystemsMethods
  • Architecting and Design – UML Specification with Experience in a Variety of Tools including Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio
  • Agile Software Methods
  • Team and Project Management
  • Systems and Software Process Design and Management
  • Assessment and Organizational Analysis including Capability Maturity Modeling
  • Organizational Change Management based in Grounded Theory Methods
  • Business Intelligence and Business Process Design
  • Design for Sustainability

Leadership and Project Activity

  • Founding Member of the North Star Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) – Minneapolis / St. Paul
  • Regional Director for the International Council on Systems Engineering
  • Chair of the Systems Engineering Masters Program for the University of Idaho – Major Professor for 15 Graduating Students
  • Member of the INCOSE Systems Science Working Group
  • Chief Systems Architect of the USDA-ARS FarmWin Project for Farm-based Data and Decision Analysis
  • Chief Systems Architect of the DOE/INL PVMapper GIS-based Utility Scale Solar Siting Decision Tool
  • Chief Systems Architect of the DOE/INL Generalized Environment for Modeling Systems (GEMS) Program — GEMS is a novel integration of Microsoft Office and SharePoint with SAS Analytic Systems and Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter and has been used for multiple projects including Facility Management, Hybrid Energy Analysis, US Energy Profile Forecasting, and others.
  • Lead and Designed the Yellowstone National Park Management and Safety Systems Analysis using the Capability Maturity Model Approach
  • Studied Model Based Systems Engineering under Dr. Wayne Wymore at the USDA Graduate School